My first flashing experience - By Julia

This story goes back many years to the sixties and I had just entered high school. I was starting to feel like a young woman now, enjoying the attention of boys for the first time. I had played "doctor" when I was younger but nothing really serious. But high school became a new awakening for me.
My mother bought me a garter belt, stockings and girdle and I really began to feel grown up. My very first day at my new school I was overwhelmed by all the older kids, the crowded hallways, and the stylish clothes. I also noticed for the first time boys looking at my legs.

I felt a little uncomfortable at first. I was wearing white cotton briefs, a very functional big white cotton garter belt and tan stockings under a shortish pleated skirt with flat shoes. On top I wore a white cotton blouse. Being very nervous and proper I did my best to keep my knees together but got all tingly when I thought of what I had on underneath. It was so grown up.

I soon settled into a routine and got to know my classmates some of whom became friends. But I was always aware of my underthings and very sensitive to the looks from the boys. One day I noticed the boy in front of me dropped a piece of paper and as he turned to pick it up he looked up my dress. I remember my legs were crossed and the bottom of my thigh was showing and I am sure he could see the top of my stocking and the white garter stretched across my skinny thigh. I felt this warm flush all over as I started to get an inkling of what we now call ":flashing" feels like. He nervously glanced back at me as he sat up and I smiled at him.

He turned and looked down at my legs and I uncrossed them and let him look up my dress at my white panties. (If I remember correctly they had little butterflies all across the front). He was very embarrassed but we established a bit of a secret relationship that day. It never went anywhere (after all we were very young). But I started to become very aware of my panties and garter belts that day, because I realized that from now on boys would actually be seeing my underwear.

For the next few months, I let my friend look up my skirt a lot. Sometimes I would actually lift it over one leg to reveal my garters and the bottom of my panties.. A couple of times, as he dropped one of his may pencils I hiked my skirt up so he could see my girdle and between my legs (This is all under my desk of course) or I would adjust my nylons while he looked.

At this time too, I also started to notice what other girls were wearing. In the locker room I saw that older girls were wearing bikini panties in different colours and leopard skin patterns. Some wore pantyhose and others wore girdles (panty girdles and open bottom girdles). I got very excited watching them change and do their make up in their underwear. I didn't realize it at the time, but I think this was my introduction to my enjoyment of my own sex that has endured to this day.